The Importance of Wedding Centerpieces to Your Wedding Reception Planning

Wedding centerpieces are vital components that constitute the ceremony theme inside the reception venue. At your wedding ceremony reception, your wedding centerpieces will determine the mood of the party. Since centerpieces are the focal point of your reception, it is vital to select the perfect choice. Your wedding ceremony centerpiece will definitely be the center… Read More »

Unique Alternatives to Reception Centerpieces

Who says that your wedding centerpieces have to be white flowers in a simple round vase? The idea that you have to do any element in a traditional way is totally out the window for weddings today. To really create a unique look, think about replacing the basic floral centerpiece with something a bit less… Read More »

Personalized Engraved Wedding Favors

Your big day is around the corner. You have your flowers picked out. You have your wedding invitations chosen. Now you are looking for a special gift for each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. A personalized engraved wedding favor is just the thing to show your wedding party how important each one of them is… Read More »

Money Saving Wedding Decoration Ideas

Your wedding does not have to be an event that breaks your wallet and you have many avenues available to save money while at the same time having the kind of wedding that you want. One idea that can save you a lot on costs is to plan your wedding at a place that is… Read More »

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Having a great wedding reception can complete your happiness in your very special day. You can enjoy the time when you are becoming a princess in a palace in one night. To perfect your very special day, especially in the wedding reception decoration is one of the main roles after the run down and the… Read More »

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Outdoor weddings are usually popular during the summer or the spring seasons. An out wedding is very vibrant and it is easy to plan it also, since you can use the natural environment and surrounding for the decoration. Outdoor locations can vary widely, from beaches to botanical gardens to parks to backyards. Flowers, garlands and… Read More »

Wedding Decoration Must Haves

Research for some cool wedding decoration ideas and then make a list of all the things you will require. If you are planning a theme wedding then all your decorations too will have to base on this theme. If you are planning the whole wedding on your own then it is advisable to start planning… Read More »